Sunday, April 10, 2016

Write some file extensions used for image files.


  • Computer graphics metafile
  • Capture, storage and transfer of graphical information.
  • Used from the content structure of geometric graphics in ODA.

  • Tagged image file format.
  • TIFF consists of a set of images with a header that contains options that determine the coding of the images.
  • Widely used as a format for the exchange of image data.

Joint Photographic Experts Group(JPEG) :

Continuous tone still images are converted by the JPEG-a collaboration between ITU-T and ISO to develop a general-purpose compression standard for both gray scale and color images.

JPEG doesn’t refer to a specific image file format.Two file formats are used 

  • JFIF(JPEG file interchange format)
  • TIFF format.

Technology : three-part algorithm has been defined-

  • A baseline system
  • An extends system &
  • Loss less compression system.

Application :

  • JPEG is designed to exploit the known limitations of the human eye, which is less sensitive to small changes in color than in light and shared.
  • It works well on photographs and naturalistic artwork, but is less successful with line art.
  • In general, the more complex & subtly rendered the image, the more likely it is that JPEG will do well on it.

Advantages :

  • JPEG is capable of rendering of reducing the size of an image by a factor between 10:1 & 20:1 without visible loss.
  • Greater compression (range 30:1 to 50:1) is possible if some reduction in quality in acceptable.

Disadvantages :

  • JPEG is particularly unsuitable for bitonal images.
  • It is not very useful for gray scale images with fewer than 16 levels of gray.
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